Change Leadership

Change will never be so slow again.

An international study shows that around 80 % of organisations have over the last few years implemented major changes, e.g. culture change, restructuring, market expansion, mergers & acquisitions among others. 

The challenge is that very few change projects do deliver the expected results. Around 50 % of change initiatives fail, 16 % have mixed results and only 34 % are clear successes.

The consequences are tired organisations and employees, loss of engagement and enthusiasm.

We can assist you in designing a change implementation process that deliver results!

Change is effortful when the Quality of the solution is high and the Engagement & Ownership in the organisation is high. Read more here

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Developing Internal Consultants & Change Agents

PeoplewithE deliver development programs for internal consultants with the aim to ensure that the knowledge and learning remain within the organisation. Learn more