Define & Develop a Culture that Delivers Results

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. - Peter Drucker

Far too many strategic intents remain intents because the culture is not aligned with the intent. 

PeoplewithE has a data-based approach to company culture. Our approach is to measure the culture and compare it with the strategic intent. This means defining an Ambition culture and based on data build the measures to close the gap.

A recent Deloitte survey showed that 94 percent of executives believed that a strong culture was important to business success. But if you asked them who was responsible for managing culture or how they would manage it, most wouldn’t have a clue. 

Too many strategies are based on “Where do we want to grow”, rather than “Who are we” and “Who do we want to be”. Capabilities-Driven Strategy starts from the inside and helps companies align what they do well with the right marketplace opportunities. 

Another important reason for a dedicated focus on culture is that 95 % of talent think it is even more important than salary for choosing employer.