Developing leaders, leadership & teams

We have plenty of leaders, but we lack leadership. - Professor Rune By

Leadership is what you with enthusiasm do with and for others in order to achieve results. Read more about our definition of leadership here.

Leadership cannot be detached from the specific challenges, culture and context of the organisation. Given that leadership is highly challenge-specific, organisations should develop leaders at all Levels to perform against a set of challenges - rather than focus development on filling a generic leadership model.

We have designed leadership solutions for organisations around the world with respect for the context of your specific organisation. 

For maximum impact of Leadership development we should ensure the following:

  • Contextual challenges are identified and part of the design

  • Based on the value priorities of the leader and the organisation

  • Executive Management owns and drive the development process

  • Leadership and employee engagement is part of the strategy

  • Leadership development underpin the talent management process

  • People development is a Key Performance Indicator

  • The Leadership strategy is aligned with company context and culture

  • Leadership is measured

The biggest impact comes when development of leaders has focus on three levels:

  1. Individual

  2. Team

  3. Organisation

To effectively prepare leaders for current and future roles, we can assist you in building flexible, agile leadership processes that are effcient and can be adapted easily to help address new challenges in your business environment . 

Executive Coaching

We are frequently asked to be a strategic discussion partner or coach to executives.

Executive coaching follows many of the same principles as coaching, and we have accredited coaches. Critical for added value is to understand business context and specific need. In addition it is helpful to know some of the skills most frequently asked for in executive coaching. Which executive skills are most looked for by companies today? Learn more

Team development

Times for teams have changed! By taking full advantage of the team, leaders can more successfully empower their employees to own and share in the responsibility of organisation-wide success. Learn more